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Technical Support offers several avenues of technical support.  Some of these target power users who require the assistance of a database professional.  Other support capabilities target database professionals.  Some support capabilities are for both groups.

bullet First, you are granted unrestricted access to code samples, presentations, and demonstrations at the site.  These materials are made available on a self-help basis.  There is no charge for their use.  Return to the site as often and whenever you like to benefit from the materials.
bullet Second, for those with priority technical support questions we offer technical support based on the resources of the Database Developers Group (DDG).  We also help with any online marketing using our seo company partner. Send a message with your specific technical support question to .  Please indicate that you are seeking a timely response for which you are willing to pay a fee.  We will ship your question to DDG members within one day.  You can negotiate a mutually agreeable fee and payment method with one or more experts who contact you.  NOTE: You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt for these messages with a request that you confirm your willingness to pay for support.  Only after replying to the acknowledgement will your request for technical assistance go out to the DDG group.
bullet Third, if you have a larger project that requires consulting and project development as opposed to technical support, we will be glad to forward your project request to the members of the Database Development Group.  The guidelines for processing these requests are the same as those for paid technical support.
bullet Fourth, consider buying one or more books listed in our Books area.  These books target beginning through advanced developers.  They cover Access, SQL Server, VBA, Visual Basic .NET, and more.  All the books are authored by the webmaster.  Therefore, if you like the site, you are likely to feel the same way about the books.
bullet Fifth, through CAB, Inc. sponsors an annual seminar tour.  Our first tour focused on Access 2000 and visited three cities.  Our second tour added coverage of SQL Server 7 to Access 2000 and added more content about web techniques.  This tour visited five cities.  Our third annual tour updated the content to focus on Access 2002 as well as SQL Server 2000.  This tour visited seven cities.  Our fourth tour presented developer-oriented content on Access 2002, SQL Server 2000, and .NET technologies, such Visual Basic .NET and ADO.NET.  The tour made eight stops to 7 cities from late October through early December.  Our fifth annual tour introduced live, interactive webcasts as a way of serving an audience who found it inconvenient to travel to a central meeting place.  Please sign the Guest Book to get early notice of future tours.