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Database Developers Group (DDG)


There are two reasons for visiting this page.

bulletFirst, you can use it to learn more about the Database Developers Group (DDG), including reasons for joining and how to join.  The actual DDG site is reserved exclusively for the use of DDG members.
bulletSecond,  you can learn how to submit your technical support requirements and consulting opportunities to the DDG.  The DDG is an international association of individuals interested in Microsoft database development and VB/VBA/VB.NET programming.  Many members provide technical support and consulting services for a fee.


Overview What is the Database Developers Group?
Benefits What are the benefits of belonging to the Database Developers Group?
White papers and samples Titles and brief description of white papers and code samples in private DDG library
FAQ Answers to questions about the DDG
Help From DDG How to get technical support from DDG members
Poster member Member profile
Prior poster members Excerpts from prior profiles
Join How much does it cost to join and how do I join?

We will try to resume prize promotions starting in January 2006.  We discontinued this activity while the webmaster was expediting the preparation of his seventh book on Microsoft database technology and Visual Basic programming.