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SQL Server Resources's webmaster, Rick Dobson, has been active with SQL Server for almost as long as he has worked with Microsoft Access, but his attention to SQL Server grew substantially starting with SQL Server 7.  The SQL Server resources at this site draw heavily on Rick's SQL Server experience.  The links below point to resources that address SQL Server from the perspective of an Access developer, a T-SQL developer, and a VB.NET developer.

Rick is the author of three books and one DVD with SQL Server in the title.  His third book on SQL Server addresses SQL Server Express, Visual Basic Express, and Visual Web Developer Express as well as the interaction between the three.  His articles appeared in such publications as SQL Server Magazine, SQL Server Professional, and SQL Server Solutions.  Some of the content below includes excerpts from or links to his published content, but other material below extends previously published content.

Rick's practice promotes an annual seminar presentation series that trains attendees in multiple Microsoft technologies relating to database development and VB programming, including VBA and VBScript through to VB.NET.  SQL Server has been a major topic in the last five annual seminar presentation series.  Please sign our Guest Book for early notification of future seminars.  We plan to grow this section during the coming year.

Annual Seminar Presentations Our current seminar presentation series focuses on SQL Server Express, Visual Basic Express, and Visual Web Developer Express.
Book Resources Resources for "Beginning SQL Server 2005 Express Database Applications with Visual Basic Express and Visual Web Developer Express".
SQL Server code samples A collection of code samples that will continue to grow.
Slide Deck Presentation Introductory presentation on SQL Server Express that covers installation as well as simple T-SQL code samples that showcase innovations introduced with SQL Server Express.  Also includes coverage of a query tool optimized for SQL Server Express that also works with MSDE.
Slide Deck Presentation Introductory presentation on creating Windows and Web solutions with ADO.NET and SQL Server Express.
Slide Deck Presentation Intermediate-level presentation on creating stored procedures and user-defined functions with a special emphasis on programming parameters and return status values.  Programming samples are in T-SQL and VB.NET/ADO.NET.
Selected articles by webmaster for SQL Server Magazine This particular subset of articles features content on Access/Office interoperability with SQL Server.  If you ever wanted to control SQL Server from Access or with VBA, one of these articles may have the content you need to solve a problem.
Magazine Article This SQL Server Magazine article demonstrates how to use VB.NET, ASP.NET and SQL Server to build a membership application.
SQL Server FAQ This FAQ highlights content about Access/SQL Server interoperability.  It represents our first SQL Server resources, and it remains one of the most popular reasons for visiting the site.
DVD Resources Resources for "Beginner's SQL Server 2000 T-SQL Programming on DVD".
DVD Resources Resources for "Programming Visual Basic .NET and ADO.NET with SQL Server and Access".
DVD Review DDG member review of "Programming Visual Basic .NET and ADO.NET with SQL Server and Access"
Book Resources Resources for "Programming Microsoft SQL Server 2000 with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET".
Book Resources Resources for "Professional SQL Server Development with Access 2000", including download URL for sample code from the book.