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Working Samples and Code Samples


bulletVBA, VB.NET, and SQL Server code samples 
bulletSee more code samples with extensive commentary in the Books and Articles areas 
bulletShippers Data Entry/Delete/Datasheet Sample  
bulletTelephone Lookup Sample
bulletAn Access Report  Snapshot Tutorial

Three Excel spreadsheets that computes in a browser when you have the Office 2000 Web Components installed on your workstation (works best in IE 5; can also work in IE 4 after you download components)

> A simple spreadsheet with a toolbar in a web page

> A more highly formatted calculator in a web page

> A spreadsheet with a dynamic chart in a web page

bulletAdditional samples exist at multiple locations throughout this site; see particularly excerpts in the Books by webmaster section and our Presentations section
bulletFor even more samples presented in a cordial environment conducive to learning see information about our seminar tours
bulletHome for site



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